Do I need a safe word?

I am some kind of sado masochist! I was really enjoying walking a bit like a cowboy and feeling the burn whilst trekking half way round the building to wee today. I am enjoying pushing my body and feel a bit gloaty and smug when I get to explain away my John Wayne stance to enquiring minds “oh it’s from Yoga dahhling” or “Oh it’s from shaving five entire minutes off my pb for walking to work” as if I am the next Paula Radcliffe in training for some monumental challenge rather than just a chick trying to reclaim her life. I do love the burn in my thighs and although it’s all well and good at the moment I do want to make sure that it doesn’t start to run away with me and make me end up having to visit sort of dominatrix in a Soho dungeon to get my pain fix!


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