Cathartic clear out

I had a full on Buffy the Vampire Slayer moment today – no blood sucking vampires involved, but a lot of demons that needed slaying once and for all. Twelve weeks worth of paperwork, of heartfelt rantings, of ridiculous levels of introspection (mine and other people’s), some terrifically bad poetry, my “life story” (which I had to read out in front of a room full of my fellow wreckheads) and so on ad infinitum.

At the end of your enforced incarceration there was a big ceremony where you got to burn all your paperwork and say goodbye to your past before being given a lapel pin and being bathed in glory and compliments. Unfortunately at the end of my sentence, literally days before turning 21, we were in the middle of a fireman’s strike and so I missed out on the catharsis of watching my past go up in flames, and I have been carrying that baggage around ever since. Well ladies and gents not anymore! I found it all whilst packing for the move and knew that I didn’t want to carry it around for another moment and so, having sat and reminisced about the past, the Priory, the parents, a bit of everything, I tore that sucker up and binned the entire lot. Job done!


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