Rum Grump

I have got *such* a rum grump on today. An overwhelming case of the booze blues post a session on the bacardi and coke last night. It was a great night don’t get me wrong but my god I regret it today. I think I have the rum-over that I should have had daily upon waking up in Cuba but somehow managed to avoid (aside from the mornings after the hen and wedding!), as if my body has stored up two weeks worth of holiday hangover and hit me with it full pelt.

Last night PG’s other wife came round for a BBQ, I say other wife because she kept referring to me as his wife… Maybe she should be his mistress then?! Anyhoo, she came over for a barbie and so yours truly decided to get stuck in to the bacardi that the Treasure Hunter had left here before we departed for Cuba. Needless to say I saw it off quite quickly and the night descended into hilarity and then melancholy as I ended it lying on the living room floor listening to ‘day we caught the train’ over and over and over as it seemed to fit. I don’t know *what* it seemed to fit, other than my completely drunken state but there we go…. I remember being amused by the lyric ‘sipped another rum and coke’, as it was obviously that particular concoction that had gotten me to the point where I was lying on the floor listening to a song on repeat singing along (probably at the top of my lungs). I think it was my Bridget Jones vs All By Myself moment.

It reminded me though that I cocking love my 90’s indie music, especially the aforementioned Ocean Colour Scene. I remember being at their gig in Brighton, chuffed as nuts that Oscar had asked me for a light and even more excited that the object of my affection was there and was paying attention to me. I spent the night right at the front of the crowd with a pair of big strong arms around my waist (I actually had a waist in those days!) and his chin on the top of my head as we swayed along to the music. My regular readers (of which I am sure there are hundreds, nay thousands) will be amused to hear that it was the same big strong pair of arms as mentioned in an earlier reminisce.

I conquered my boozy blues by giving my best girl a call, I wasn’t quite as terminal as lying on the grass in my duvet but I came close!!


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