He’s just not that into you vol.2

I saw the film and now I’ve read the book and I have to confess, both times it has made me go “Oh my god, that is just where I find myself currently!” as if someone has turned on a very big light above my head or shaken me hard by the shoulders to wake me from my reverie. Having recently swapped phone numbers with a gentleman I have been stuck in that usual holding pattern of waiting for my phone to bing again with a text and wondering how to play the game whilst we dance round each other, or rather whilst I dance about wondering why he’s pretending to play it cool. The lightening bolt that came from reading the book is that of course, he isn’t pretending to play it cool *he’s just not that into me*……. Ta dahhhhh!

And the man who I’ve been friends with for a bajillion years and who has never made a move? *He’s just not that into me*!! That’s not to say he isn’t fond of me as a friend but it is to say that he does not want to bump uglies with me. And I am A-OK with that even though I must confess to wanting to ‘take our friendship to the next level’. I must sound like a bit of a dick having had such life changing reactions to this text but I cannot elucidate enough – this has changed the way I will look at relationships and men and all that jazz and for that I am very very grateful. And yes I know that this is pretty much identical to the last post I made on this subject and for that I apologise profusely but you may have to get used to slapdash updates for a while for I am a terribly busy and important writer who is solidly stuck in to planning ‘THE BOOK’ whilst procrastinating unpacking her life in her new flat.

In other news it is the race for chuffing life in three sleeps. Bollocks


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