Crawl for life…

One sleep to go. This time tomorrow I will be lining up to do a warm up before hauling my ass round the common with 9,499 other women (all probably fitter than me). Last night I slowed down my pace from mentalist headcase going all out to punish myself, pulling it back to gentle jogging round the park la la la I can still hold a conversation and it worked! Having previously only managed 90 second bursts I lasted for a whole 6 minutes before I got dizzy so I had to stop. (I was jogging in circles round my living room!).

PG has been brilliant, he sat me down with the route map and like the wise old running owl that he is, talked me through my ‘race strategy’… Before this conversation my previous strategy was thus —-> TRY NOT TO DIE. However now I am fully knowledgeable about the gradients and tricky cambers and racing etiquette, the bits where I get to ‘freewheel’ and the bits where I need to pick up the pace and power on through. He also showed me on the route all the points where they will be able to stand and cheer me on track side – I must confess to making a mental note of these so I can be running at those points even if I am hobbling through the rest.

The bit I am most stressed about is the idea of breaking out the sarcastic run and the world’s biggest bingo wings in front of crowds but I’m hoping the feeling of doing something positive for my health, doing something I wouldn’t have dreamed of doing this time last year and challenging my preconceptions about what I can accomplish will override the head drama about the galumphing!

In case I don’t return, it’s been nice knowing you….


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