Lust for life…

Well I survived. Gee that sounds so excited and proud doesn’t it. Hmm. On a bit of a downer as not happy with my time (42 minutes and 25 seconds) and know that it is my own damned fault for not training harder and I feel like I’ve let myself down but more importantly let down those people who sponsored me. Feeling pretty crappy when I should be on a natural high, more mentally and emotionally crappy than physically crappy although ask me again tomorrow when I probably won’t be able to walk and it might be a different story!

The race itself was pretty awe inspiring, a nice atmosphere out on the course, very much ‘sisters doing it for themselves’ and I found myself galumphing along reading people’s back signs about who they were running for, one of which brought a tear to my eye as it was on a girl of my age running for her Dad who had died 5 days previously. PG, CG, Bells and the Boyfriend were on the sidelines cheering me on which was fabulous as I needed all the encouragement I could get. Bells was taking lots of photos which will no doubt appear online and feature me all hideous and sweaty and minging. Yum.

At the 4k mark (about when I was ready to die) I saw my surgery sister Doodah_Eddie at the side lines (it did take me a while to recognise her, she’s so skinny!) so I jogged over and gave her a very sweaty heartfelt hug before getting a burst of enthusiasm and jogging off at quite a pace. Nearing the finish line in front of me was a woman with a prosthetic leg and a very very large woman (larger than me yippee!!) and I didn’t feel my own sense of pride could let me be beaten by them so I put on a spurt and crossed the finish line at a run before literally grinding to a halt, collecting my medal and telling the marshall ‘I actually think I love you’ before dispensing sweaty, minging hugs to my cheerleaders. Next time I’ll be faster!!!


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