Let's be a bit kinder shall we LTA?…

For God’s sake woman be a bit kinder to yourself hey? Quit willocking about your time in the race because as Marms so rightly pointed out you need to look at what you’ve accomplished to even get yourself onto the starting line let alone hauling ass round the course. And as Computer Geek pointed out, this time last year your race time would have been infinity because you wouldn’t have started and so 42 minutes is incredibly respectable and next year you’ll be able to do it a lot faster. And as the lovely Crusher pointed out, her first time on a 5k was 38 minutes and so 42 is respectable, get over it! And let’s not forget that this time last year you used to have to DRIVE the half mile to your office because you would get so dangerously out of breath you were convinced you’d collapse. So all in all, quit being a big baby about it and if you’re not pleased with the results well it’s just a kick up the arse to train harder for the next one isn’t it…..


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