Yes, yours truly christened our new flat on Sunday night with a good upchuck session. I think I left it a bit late to eat meaning that when I’d made my tuna pasta I was beyond hungry (could have eaten a scabby horse, the jockey and the bridle!) and so wolfed it down at a rate of knots and then had to barf my guts up in the kitchen. It is probably bad to admit that I have become so adept at vomiting that I just have to make myself retch a couple of times and whammo – up comes the alien baby. I call it an alien baby as mostly it is just clear mucus stuff (god this blog is minging, I apologise) but whatever I produce I always end up sounding like a hormonal Chewbacca who has just been shot in the head. I’ll let you sit and contemplate that for a moment. And now think about the poor physics geek who has to listen to this little production…

Lovely weekend down in Daarset with the family for my little blonde surfer nephew’s second birthday. Feel like I spent the entire weekend talking about Iggle Piggle, Makka Pakka and the gang and there was no escape now little blonde surfer has learnt how to say ‘alice’…. But he’s a seriously cute kid. I have to restrain myself from picking him up (marvelling at how heavy he is compared to how much weight I used to carry around) and blowing raspberries on his tummy EVERY time he’s near me and feel like a Japanese tourist snapping photos every five seconds trying to catch the cheeky grin and the glint in his eye. Whenever I am near him it makes me so so grateful to have had this surgery and to have gained my life back because I get to be involved in his life, rather than just watching his life whilst trying to wheeze quietly on the sofa eating crisps.

Only downside of the weekend was Humphrey Big Bear’s in-laws who have a hearty interest in what I can eat and when and how much. I know it’s because I don’t see them very often and so they marvel at how things change in the intervening months but it makes me feel different and a bit outcast as they point out the differences in appetite. I think because it has been a year now I am used to what I can eat and how much I can eat, as are the people I see on a regular basis and so it always feels a little uncomfortable being around people for whom it is still a novelty.

In other news, book writing is going fairly well. A few wobbles of confidence and moments of thinking ‘what the motherfuck am I doing’ but thankfully they are small and fleeting and normally overcome by walking away from my computer for a small moment and gathering my thoughts. Will try not to neglect this blog but currently feel as though I am writing in every spare moment I have – bloody good thing I enjoy it I suppose!


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