‘They’ say that if you say a word often enough it becomes nonsense, gobbledygook, meaningless. I can definitely vouch for this having done the ‘eye contact, smile, CONGRATULATIONS!’ schtick SEVEN HUNDRED AND SIXTY NINE TIMES today at graduation! Sheesh!… The overwhelming feeling today was that I want it to be me walking across the stage in my Hogwarts robes and making small talk with the PVC (sadly she’s not clad in polyvinylchloride like some third rate hooker) and it will be one day! Just wait.
On a bit of a natural high today for a variety of reasons –

1) Heavens above my ‘skinny’ trousers fit!! I’m sure most women have them, those trousers that have been languishing in the back of the closet with the vain hope attached that ‘one day they’ll fit’ – well today was that day! Grey slacks from H&M that have never fit (they still had the tags on, why did I buy them in the first place?!), I hold them up and can’t quite believe my bottom could conceivably be that small. Let’s not get carried away, my bottom is still pretty hefty but it is the smallest it’s been as an adult!

2) Lovely lovely colleague came up at lunch today and told me I looked stunning, so stunning in fact that she apologised as she hadn’t recognised me when I walked in! It absolutely blows my mind when people do this, I mean it is all well and good to sit and perhaps comment to the people you are with but to actually lift your butt off your seat and stick your neck out by walking over to *tell* someone that, well it’s mind boggling but I bloody love it!

3) Trendy friendly colleague got me involved in an art project he’s doing whereby I had to sit and draw a self portrait in his sketchbook before I was allowed to look at the sketches other people had done. This stressed my head out quite a lot and I was tempted to phone it in by drawing a stick figure but instead decided to do it properly. Pre surgery I would have drawn a big fat blobby lump, like a big fat lump of poo with hair and a face so I was pleasantly shocked to see a drawing that was bordering on realistic! If you overlook the polio esque withered arms and the fact that one of my legs is bigger than the other…. But it taught me a valuable lesson that my head is actually starting to shrink to catch up with my body! Huzzah!

4) I did Race for Life a whole 1 minute and 35 english seconds faster than a fit skinny girl I know, woohoo!


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