bookbookbookbookbook (I'm not a chicken, just obsessed)

Apologies for the little break I’ve had – At the moment it feels like all I am doing is writing, writing, writing, working, writing, eating, sleeping. But I bloody love it. However it does mean I’ve neglected you a little and for that I apologise. Must try harder and all that.

Have had a remarkable upswing in terms of relations with the old dear, the Mumf, the mummatron, the fogle lover. Things have been good between us for a while now but at the moment (and long may it last) things are fab. We’ve been having banter, jolly japes and confessions from the soul (she harbours a deep desire to lick chocolate off Ben Fogle… Kidding!) and I love it. I realised when I was in Cuba that I really really miss having that Mum friendship in my life and I think that is why I get on well with people’s Mums. I’m really lucky in many respects as I lost my Mum but instead I gained at least five others who I can turn to for Motherly input and the long missed ‘Mum hug’.

I got signed off from the hospital on Friday following my one year follow up which is fab but also pant wettingly scary as this is where the hard work begins with regards to shifting the last of the weight and maintaining the loss. So in order to keep things moving, I’ve set myself a goal that I want to lose another three stone by my birthday; I’m even going to make a little wall chart like the old Blue Peter totaliser and show myself weekly how I am edging closer to my new goal. To maximise the shifting of the poundage I’m also going back to my old faithful food plan of ‘no white flour and no sugar’, replacing these with more raw veggies and fruit.

There is probably lots more I could and should be telling you but for the moment I’m going to go and get my head stuck back into the book!


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