The bitch is back

As long as bitch stands for babe in temporary control of herself. I realise that makes me sound incontinent but I promise I still have control over my bladder. I’ve had another unscheduled break from this blog malarky and it’s done me the power of good. The combination of telling your thoughts to the World but also feeling like you have to hold back on some of the things you really feel you want or need to talk about is tiring. I suppose I’m realising that although this is my blog and thus my little corner of the Internet, I also need to keep something back for myself? D’ya get me? Everyone needs to have a little bit of mystique and so I’ve reimagined my boundaries regarding the stuff that goes on the blog (most things) and the bits I keep to myself (a marginal selection).

So what’s been happening in my realm I hear you cry? Well, as per usual at the moment it’s book book book, with a bit of healthy volunteering at a local junior youth club thrown in for good measure (and for career prospects if I’m honest!) combined with a LOT of sleeping. Seriously it feels like the past week all I have done is sleep, including sleeping late on Saturday, getting up and lying on the sofa, getting cold so getting my duvet and then spending the afternoon sleeping all curled up on the couch under my lovely Johnnie Loulou’s bedlinen. Ah the joys of depressive tendencies eh 😉

Have been getting excited beyond all comprehension about the upcoming wedding that I’m going to and have ordered the most fabulous fascinator to coordinate with my wonderful dress, I am attempting to channel the late great Issy Blow (but will not be wearing a galleon on my head) by wearing a tremendous hat regardless of my height and I can’t wait. Have also bought a beautiful circle scarf from American Apparel in ‘asphalt’ which you can wear THIRTEEN different ways and is wonderful and I must buy it in many colours and then yearn for winter so I can wear my scarves of many colours (as a snood no less!) and knee high boots and corduroy skirts and snuggly jumpers. Bliss! I’m really excited about a new season to shop for, especially because I can shop in lots more places now and not just for accessories….. As of this morning I have shrunk NINE dress sizes on top and SEVEN on the bottom – incredible! Having been stuck on a plateau for a little while I was over joyed to hop on the scales and see a loss of 11lbs in three weeks meaning I am now back to hoiking my trousers up and debating whether I should move to the next size down or buy a belt and sweat it out a bit longer before taking the plunge.


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