Labels or Love

Over the past few days I’ve been through a bit of an epiphany about labels vs love and what it means to me in my new incarnation as a happy, confident, outgoing woman. I used to crave designer things, thinking that having the ‘right’ label would make me fit in regardless of how sizeable my bottom was but now, having become more confident in my skin and in who I am, I no longer need to hide. I’m all about having nice things but to me it doesn’t matter if the nice thing has a hefty price tag or swinging designer label. I have friends who are literally obsessed with money and status and I find it inherently vulgar. It also makes me feel really quite sad for them that they are so insecure about themselves and their lives that they convince themselves that spending ridiculous amounts of £ is the way forward. However they’ve done such a good job on themselves that they think that everyone is jealous of their lifestyle. Sadly that’s not the case, they live in a dream world! I guess what I’m trying to say is that the best way to be happy and fulfilled is to choose love (for yourself, for who you are and for what you have to offer the World) rather than getting hung up on labels, and trying to fill the void in your life with designer tat. It is what I’ve done & I’ve never been happier!!


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