Sunshine and cider? Yem Pease!

I feel like I write a LOT of posts that start ‘another bloody lovely weekend’, which is boring but is also usually the case because I am fortunate enough to have bloody lovely weekends a lot of the time. It’s good to be me.

This weekend kicked off with dinner with two of my girlies, Flabs and Treasure and it was so good to catch up with them and have a good old chinwag. Marmaloid was much missed by all and it really wasn’t the same without her, to be honest it felt a bit like one of my limbs was missing as she and I used to do the friday night sessions a lot when we worked together! It was lovely to sit there with F&T knowing that Marms brought us together to celebrate her wedding and now we have enduring friendships to take away from it (as well as wonderful memories). Anyhoo, we chatted about everything under the sun including (but not limited to) wrinkly flaps, Gok Wan, jiggling jubblies, VIP invites (more on that later), ski holiday planning, tales of bad marriage proposals and finally discussions of Owen’s drunken (mis)adventures…. This Friday we’re going to rerun the fun having been invited to attend the VIP opening of a new bar in town that is offering free food and drink and the aforementioned jiggling jubblies. It’s going to be a class act that’s for sure.

Saturday was another pilgrimage down to Banjo Country whilst singing along to the radio at the top of my voice without a care in the world. Spent the day with the gorgeous nephew who is changing at a rate of knots, currently favouring pulling his trousers down at every opportunity to show off his big boy pants or lifting up his top whilst saying ‘belly’s gonna get ya’…. I swear he’s going to turn out a bit soft in the head if they keep on but it is bleedin’ cute. Went to their local for Humphrey’s birthday celebrations, he got twaddled and started cuddling people, SIL (sister in law) got wrecked and started emptying her handbag on the table every five minutes looking for loose change for beer. Whilst wrecked off her face she told me that she thought I was ‘very posh’ to which I replied ‘cock off you cocking cock’ (in my head).

Sunday saw me exercise my mental muscle in helping MGGP and her lovely new fiance (squeee) look round a Castle where they are thinking of having their wedding, in seven months time. As we drove up the sweeping drive I started in with my very best Franck from Father of the Bride impression”Moster and Missus Bahnks and de luffly bride””Mm I luff the wedding at the homs, They’re vary personable, vary varm ‘n’ cuzy, vary fabulous” but thankfully managed to reign it in by the time we met the wedding coordinator (“Wedding coordinator? What’s a Wedding coordinator?”) who showed us round the beautiful orangery on the lake shore. An incredible venue but not quite what they were after; it was nice to get in for free though! I’d always thought I never wanted to get hitched, (too establishment and traditional, give me a yurt and a man called Gecko any day) however looking round the castle and seeing pictures of MGGP in her top four dress choices made the bride gene in me suddenly ping into life….. I want to get married damnit!!


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