Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!

Some of you out in the blogiverse with sky channels may have caught me on telly recently, twice, extolling the virtues of having surgery and how it has changed my life. It was true back then when it was filmed and it is even more true now, nearly a year later. I’m yet to see my debut as a tv star however the lovely director (who if I remember correctly weighed the same as the amount I’d lost last time) is sending me a copy of the dvd so that I can watch it in the privacy of my own home. From behind a cushion. Whilst squealing about sounding like a twat. As well as cursing my double chins and wishing I’d stopped biting my nails before they filmed me.

I’m hoping the dvd arrives in time so I can take it back to the shire with me this weekend for our family halloween fun. I finally get to see both my nephews in the same place at the same time, and obviously because neither of them is old enough to travel unsupervised it also means I am going to see my entire family and I really super can’t wait! I could really do with some family time at the moment, sometimes the people you think you can rely on the absolute most really let you down and piss on your bonfire and it reduces you to tears at your desk. Or at least it reduces you to semi tears and a desire to send a text which reads ‘Bitch please, engagement party without me? Oh hale no!’ (read in a Yankee drawl, natch). But then again I am not a) American and b) on the Jerry Springer show.

Long Tall Ally’s final thought: friends suck sometimes but take care of yourselves, and, each other.


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