Christmas? No thanks.

Yes ladies and gents, it’s that time of year again. The time of year where I turn into the Grinch who stole Christmas and start wishing with all my strength for the whole affair to be over with and for us to find ourselves safely ensconced in January. I don’t suffer from SAD but I do think I suffer from CAD – Christmas Affective Disorder.

Christmas is a time traditionally spent in the bosom of your family, surrounded by loved ones and all having a wonderfully festive time. Except when it isn’t, when you’re single and feel alone, and the very idea of the festive season makes you want to stab those merry holly jolly Christmas types with a fork.

I used to love Christmas as a child as our family had all these brilliant traditions (usually requiring a trip to A&E at some time over the festive season) that made the yuletide seem even more special than other people’s experiences. I know now that Mum was overcompensating for the fact that Pops was often away at sea by turning our house into a grotto, filling it with people and keeping the Christmas spirit alive well into January however when that’s all you’ve known as a child it becomes hard to adapt to anything else as an adult. Especially when you’re a hormonal teenage girl masquerading as a grown up woman.

I’ve had some lovely invitations to spend Christmas with various friends but I can literally feel the green fur growing on the back of my knuckles as I become more and more grinch like the closer it gets to high days and holidays. I loathe Christmas shopping and the only Christmas song I can tolerate is ‘Fairytale of New York’, and that’s only because it is sung by someone who sounds about as pissed off as I am with the whole affair.

But, decisions need to be made. Christmas on my own where I get total control of the remote, the fridge and the corkscrew (bliss) or Christmas where I slap on a smile and a brave face and attempt to enjoy myself for the sake of my nephew….. No choice really is there, after all Christmas is for the kids.


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