In the words of Jo Whiley….

Welcome along.

Some of you astute readers will realise things are a little bit different around here now – I have finished migrating my blog over to this provider and am getting settled into my new home. Firstly I’d like to direct your attention to the bottom right hand corner of the screen where you will see a list of the blogs I read regularly written by some of the most fabulous women bloggers out there. You’ll also notice a link so you can see what I’m twittering about and also there is a subscription box down there so you no longer have to visit this page in order to read my blog. Now all you have to do is whack your email address in the box and by the power of the wide wide World of web, each update I make will automatically ping into your inbox. Clever huh?

I haven’t finished the interior design of this place yet so apologies for all the blue, things are still occurring that will make this place even better than it already is so hold onto your hats kids!


One thought on “In the words of Jo Whiley….

  1. Well thank you very much for the inclusion in your blogroll, greatly honored as I love your work Missy! Love it. Going to have a blog reading binge tomorrow and yours is top of my list…Mwah Rachael aka Rachaelblogs

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