Get(ting) into the Groove…

I'm considering signing my Saturday mornings over to a personal trainer to whip my arse into gear. I've found a website of a local woman who I swear is made of iron and is a 'bad ass mother who don't take no crap off of nobody' (I ♥ cool runnings!) but who also manages to not seem scary or like a ball breaking mentalist. In short I think she could be an excellent addition to my arsenal of weapons to beat the belly.

The very thought of training with her scares the bollocks off me though because although I've lost a shed load of weight I'm still desperately unfit and have visions of huffing and puffing my way round the common lugging a kettlebell. Oh yeah, that's the other bit that scares me – she doesn't train within the safe confines of a gym, which means anyone could see me hauling my sweaty bottom around in my saggy knee joggers. Plus there is the fact that it's winter which makes me want to hibernate next to the fire with a hot chocolate and a great book, not schlepp it round the common with an ex army officer screeching at me by way of motivation.

I'd love to put it off until the summer and start doing it then but sadly, I want to be significantly smaller by the time next summer rolls around and so it's time to step it up a gear. Plus I have another wonderful wedding to go to in May and want to be able to buy something fabulous to wear. I've been drooling over the Long Tall Sally autumn catalogue – such beautiful clothes that most importantly would FIT me. I have never had a catalogue before where I would quite literally wear everything in it and in some cases would wear it exactly as the model does but LTS just fits the bill.

Only problem is that I look at the leggy models in the catalogue (the shortest is 5'10", tallest 6') and my head starts telling me that I could look that good if I got down to goal and spent my hard earned nuggets there. As a very tall woman I have so few pictorial representations of what I might look like at a normal weight and so I pore over the pictures. I think if I had better skills with photoshop, I'd slap my face into the images and use it as my own personal motivation for those moments when I'm tempted to skip the gym and hit the fridge.

Of course as I found out today, using models as your yardstick can make you come unstuck. Such as finding out that the 6' model who's body you admire and crave is underweight at only nine and a half frigging stone!!! She's a size 8… And yet, I think she looks healthy, vibrant and downright gorgeous. I think it's the long lithe limbs that really get me, it absolutely slays me to think that if I work my arse off at the gym I could potentially look like them, all leggy and lean.

So, I suppose that's my decision made regarding the personal trainer… Now, where did I put her number?


One thought on “Get(ting) into the Groove…

  1. Oh tell me about it. I have three and half stone to get off – some cancer gain and some gluttony based. I really need to get the lard moving!Goodluck Ally! Lorna x

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