In case any of you needed proof that I am a child of the technological revolution I am now in a position to offer it.

I've signed up to 'Tweet what you eat' (TWYE) to keep track of what goes into my gob. It's run through Twitter the online micro-blogging site which means unlike any other food diaries I've kept in the past it is on hand 24/7. It won't leave me scrabbling round for a pen or cursing when I have to write up what I've eaten into my food diary off the back of bus tickets and receipts. I'm also yet to find a situation where my BlackBerry isn't about my person so I'll always be able to tap out an update.

I'm learning more and more that surviving or even contemplating winning in life is about doing what works for YOU regardless of what any other Tom, Dick or Harry thinks. Being a man who has no food issues, PG will be first in the queue to scoff and ask why the billy heck I'm doing it. I just have to remind myself that his life is not my life, his issues are not my issues and he has a toned little tushie and no eating disorder so we are never going to be singing from the same hymn sheet sustenance wise!

It feels like I'm definitely on an upswing, long may it last. In other news though whilst PG was home with his folks I ruined some kitchen equipment making flapjacks, took a chunk out of the wall putting the hoover away and found we'd sprung two leaks in our patio doors. PG is NEVER allowed to go away again!


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