Trying not to flip out.

My rage button is being depressed repeatedly this weekend. It seems as though the people around me are deliberately trying to make me flip out and screech like a banshee whilst wailing about what fucknuts they all are.

Exhibit numero uno is my usually pretty wonderful housemate, the Physics geek. Due to PG's own rage reaction where he quit his job in a moment of insanity and was unemployed for 12 weeks he owes me a fairly large sum of money with some zeros on the end. Now that's all well and good, except his priorities have been more about going out with his mates, being overly generous with Christmas presents and oh yeah, buying a brand new motorbike rather than paying me back.

I know it's pretty ironic that I'm whinging about money when anyone who knows me knows that I am really bad with it myself, however whenever I owe dineros I always pay it back as soon as I possibly can (and this is the crux) even if it means being a social hermit for a month and not doing anything fun.

It's just pissing me off a bit that in a month where people are traditionally skint due to having to show loved ones how much they care by blowing wads of cash on the high street, PG is lording it about. Seemingly without any regard to the fact that, it being Christmas, and January officially being the longest month, I could really do with the money. I have been cutting him some serious slack thinking that he was virtually living on the breadline but actually he's been acting like flipping Rockerfeller.

I think perhaps for the first time ever I am learning why the phrase 'neither a borrower or a lender be' is so popular. For once, even though I want to punch PG, it's nice to be on the lender side. Could it be a sign of increased responsibility? *end
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