Welcome to 2010

'Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house not a creature was stirring, not even my gorgeous nephew who was dosed up on Calpol and tucked into bed feeling poorly.

Christmas was lovely, very peaceful and relaxed however it transpires that the relaxed tone was due to the germs festering in the ether that slowly started to attack each and every one of us. By the 27th I was feeling like death and wanted to crawl into a hole and hibernate.

Propelled by excitement for our Murder Mystery Party in Gay Paris in the roaring Twenties I took enough Benylin to keep me upright and get through to Midnight and off I went to the Hotel Paradiso to play my part as Dr Doris Johnson, Aztec archaeologist and all round eccentric (typecasting?!)

It was SO much fun! Everyone put real effort in to their costumes and their parts and to drinking wine by the bucket – much hilarity and innuendo ensued. A tremendous start to what will be a tremendous year. In that vein,

My Resolutions:

* To drop four more dress sizes and then maintain when I get there.

* To sort out some lovely work experience.

* To get a decent job (one I enjoy would be a start).

* To move. It is time to say farewell to Southampton!

* To turn 20-10 into 20-tone, powerplate, free weights, running, let's get rid of the wobble!

I'll be keeping the blog updated on all these, apologies for the bland update today, I'm still fighting against the catarrh creature and it's making my brain doolally! *coughs up lung*


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