20-10? 20-tone!

I've only bloody gone and done it again haven't I. Having hated doing the 'Race for Life' because I am not a natural runner and dislike moving at a pace more than 'slow amble' I've told people that I will do the 'Great South Run 2010'. WHYYYYYYYYYYYY!

I'm proud of myself for setting myself a challenge, especially one that seems completely insurmountable but I'm also kicking myself that I didn't plump for an easier challenge. Like learning how to bake souffles whilst riding a unicycle or maintaining a handstand throught all 6 Star Wars movies. The only thing I can do is give it my best shot with the training and try not to die doing a race that is approximately 9.5 miles further than I ever wish to run.

It all fits in with my grand plan to turn the year 20-10 into 20-tone though and so, in the words of the exceptionally brave and wise @BubblyBex 'Positivity is Power'. So, if you hear me whining about doing the training for the GSR then you have my full permission to smack me upside the head and remind me that 18 months ago I was headed for an early grave and so the very chance to put my body through a bit of pain training for a race is A GOOD THING.

20-tone is all about settling into my new body and way of life, sharpening up the edges and polishing things a bit. Kissing goodbye to my fluffy exterior and revealing a lithe toned body underneath like some Amazonian Goddess. Well, maybe not a Goddess but perhaps a body with a little more definition and tone than it currently has. It's no longer about the weight, it's about the way I feel, the way my clothes look and most importantly of all, my fitness levels.

In 2010 I want to adjust to a normal way of life, a healthy way of life and leave the ghosts of my super morbidly obese past behind me.


4 thoughts on “20-10? 20-tone!

  1. me too me too. This year I am doing The Moonwalk – shaking off the cancer that has plagued me and robbed my boobies, hair and feminity in 09. But I am totally up for 2012 with @ladytubedriver. Lorn

  2. It'll be Team Twitter in 2012! So proud of you both for agreeing to do it and V proud of you Lorns for kicking cancer *and* for doing the moonwalk! I am going to do that 2011 – sort of planning a moonwalk and half marathon maybe even marathon year then! Xxx

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