My route march remedy

Gosh, I think I'm getting my mojo back. I wish I could blog more regularly like the gorgeous girlies on my blogroll do. At the very least I'd like to maintain some consistency in when I update but sadly I'm at the mercy of my moods.

I'm aware that sounds terrifically melodramatic as if I should be lying in a darkened room with loved ones creeping in to check on me and do a sweep of my room for sharp objects, but sadly it's true. Some days I'm on a roll and I'm sparkly, bright and focused and yet other days it's a struggle to get out of bed let alone engage my brain.

It turns out I'm not the only one though, I blithely thought I was terminally unique in having a brain that shuts down tighter than Fort Knox when a depression cloud breaks over my head and so, I was somewhat comforted to hear that Marian Keyes is taking a break to combat her depression.

Before you all get up in arms that me, a currently unpublished peon is comparing herself to one of the founding sisters of chick lit, I'm not. What I'm saying is on a person to person level, it was comforting to hear that it happens to other people. Obviously I was also very sad to hear of her pain and wish her a speedy path back to mental wellness.

So, having been lolloping round the flat staring endlessly at my computer screen and getting despondent about the quality of my manuscript something had to give. P brought my salvation, in the form of a Sunday afternoon walk in Lordswood.

I should have known. I should have realised that being a muddy little tree climbing boy at heart P would not take me on a gentle soul restoring stroll in the woods. It started off quite well, meandering down a slightly steep path into the heart of the wood. Unfortunately as soon as the path levelled out all hell broke loose. P led me on a merry dance up hill and down dale, totally off the beaten track and, because he isn't what one might call a gentleman he pretty much left me to my own devices. Cue me getting slapped in the face by low flying branches, sliding about on icy patches and getting my coat stuck on a holly bush. The piece de resistance was facing my fear and jumping, JUMPING over a stream, THREE TIMES!

I know it doesn't sound like much but to me, it was another life experience I can add to my list. Oh as well as getting so tangled in a briar patch that I couldn't move, almost losing a welly boot in the mud and leaping over fallen trees and trekking through the woods in the dark. That's right, we chose to go out just as daylight was fading so ended up schlepping home through mud, ice and tangled branches.

It was the perfect remedy. It blew away the cobwebs and made me feel that okay, I might be a bit of a looper but who the frilly heck cares, I'm alright me, just as I am.


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