Ping Pong Pandemonium

No you filthy bitches this won’t involve me regaling you with stories of Thai bargirls, vaginas and spherical plastic balls whizzing past my ears at 100 miles an hour. If you’re after that sort of thing then perhaps you should take your safe search off Google and have at it.

This brand of pandemonium took place within the rather swish confines of ‘Ping Pong’ the dim sum restaurant branch in Liverpool Street and was what is called in the trade a ‘Tweet Meet’, organised by the rather wonderful JJ (@Love_London). Now I know some of you out there in blog land will be turning your noses up at the idea of travelling all the way to London to meet a roomful of people for the first time but I already considered most of the people going to be friends, regardless of whether I had shared the same airspace or not.

I will confess that since having the Blackberry I have become a little bit *ahem* overly interested in Twitter. It’s so convenient for one thing and I have built up quite the little Twitter network of people I like to check in with on a regular basis and for someone who likes to TALK as much as I do it’s perfect. I witter on Twitter and if people don’t like what I have to say or think I’m saying too much then they simply don’t have to follow me.

So, it was with a sense of excitement and nerves that I propelled myself towards Ping Pong to finally put faces to names. I have to confess, I bloody loved it and would do it again in a heartbeat. After being navigated to the restaurant through the back streets of the City of London by the Computer Geek, me gawping every step of the way at the tall buildings and pretty lights (I’m easily pleased me) the fun began. A whirlwind of realisation that yes, the tall girl in the corner is indeed Long Tall Ally and that yes, we get on well online and actually with the added bonuses of facial expressions and body language we get on even better in person.

The ‘old’ me pre-surgery would NEVER have contemplated getting on a train and going to a swish cocktail bar in London to *gasp* meet new people for a single second. Especially when I didn’t have the option of relying on some social lubricant due to leaving my car at Farnborough station to get home. I only had a few moments of wobbling about a) having the biggest bottom in the room, b) being the most casually dressed ‘unLondon’ person in the room and c) not being ‘good’ enough (argh, I hate that!) but due to having such lovely company those thoughts faded almost as soon as they appeared.

I came away from Friday night in London with some wonderful new Twitter buddies to interact with but more importantly some fabulous new real life actual friends who make me smile but also cheer me up when I’m having wobbles and trying to decipher man messages. I’ve been feeling a little bit envious (not sure that envious is the right word….) of my lovely new friends and their glamorous lifestyles. I know that they have to wash up and do laundry and all the other mundane tasks that make life so rich and that their lives aren’t plain sailing or picture perfect but at least they’re all pursuing their dreams in that city where the streets are paved with gold. I’d pursue mine….. if I could settle on what they were.


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