Is it Tuesday yet?

I'm actually excited about my date which for me is a first. Dates in the past have been more about me accepting because it felt like the right thing to do, rather than potentially being attracted to someone.

This guy that I'm going out to dinner with, well he's gorgeous and seems intelligent and funny and we have a lot in common and that's where the problems start naturally. The stupid part of my head is going on about 'well there is no way he'll be interested in me, what have I got to offer him?' Progress has been made as at least now I can acknowledge that it is the stupid side of my brain doing all that. My cripplingly low self esteem used to have me believe that it was the stupid side of my brain trying to convince me that I could be anything other than fat, ugly, stupid and unloveable.

I wish it was Wednesday morning so that at least I would know, one way or the other and not be in this weird holding pattern. Gaaah. I'm turning into such a wuss. I'll shut up and suck it up until we can indulge in post date analysis that is…


2 thoughts on “Is it Tuesday yet?

  1. You'll have a great night!Just remeber, he wouldn't have asked you/be going on the date if he didn't want to.I am also now wishing it was wednesday so I can get the post date updatem x

  2. You're right as usual lady. HE suggested the date so there's got to be at least a little bit of him that wants to be there. I was saying to a friend, I might write positive mantras up my arm and sneak a peek like cheating in an exam during the date… or maybe not! Ally x

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