My one true love

I’m in love with writing, any form, any function, anything. Now I’m back in the groove and cracking on with my book powered by the awesome tunes available on Spotify (ahh Mr Wendal how I missed you) I find that I just love putting fingers to keys and being able to come up with something tangible.

It might be because my book is about recreating my life that I enjoy it so much. It is remarkably therapeutic going over events of the past and in essence being able to relive them the way I want to. Everyone has had those situations where it’s not until you’re walking away that you think of all the clever things you should have said. This week my lovely friend Emma
@almost_english had one of those situations where any lesser mortal would have been stumped for words and probably sat there agape, unattractively fishlike. Not our Em – she came back with a wise retort that it would have taken me weeks to think up and even then I probably wouldn’t have had the cojones to use. Why not click here and go and revel in her ass kicking nature? I’ve noted down her comeback in the hopes that someday in some incarnation I’ll be able to deliver it with aplomb.

The other fab thing about writing a book is those moments where I imagine my future readers, perhaps chuckling to themselves whilst reading it on their morning commute or relaxing in the bath with a nice glass of wine. It takes me back to picking up ‘Fifty Ways to Find A Lover’ by the fabulous
Lucy-Anne Holmes which is the very book that started this whole thing for me. I read it in one go, reading the funniest bits (there were lots) to the Computer Geek and chortling about them long after I’d finished the book. Obviously I don’t have a publisher yet but it seems so futile writing it without imagining it as a finished product on the shelf for someone to pick up and take home. I’m not saying it’s going to change the world or become a Pulitzer prize winner but hopefully it might make a difference to someone somewhere who is or has been where I was. Plus it’s quite funny in places and I know my friends will enjoy trying to spot themselves…

It’s getting easier by the day to talk about writing a book without thinking that I sound horrendously pretentious or like a wanker. Friends have always said that I should be proud of my achievements but I’ve never managed it. There’s always one more thing to work on, hey.


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