Tonight's the night…..

Ever seen ‘Rules of Attraction’? (sorry I can’t be faffing around with fancy schmancy links today, I’m too nervous!) If you have then you’ll understand me having ‘tonight’s the night. tonight’s the night. tonight’s the night. tonight’s the night’ running round my brain.

This has been the longest day at work, I’m pleased to report though that I’m really looking forward to dinner – the chance to flex my flirting muscle doesn’t come round very often and so I’m just going to relax and have some fun. Dating HQ (the office) kicked in to gear today and we’ve been debating the best greeting on a first date, with one colleague in particular recommending that I shake his hand…… Is it just me or does that smack of something my Dad would do on meeting a man friend of mine for the first time? Weird. The rest of my colleagues are divided into two very different camps, the ‘wave and say hi’ gang versus the ‘little cheek bump/air kiss’ army. I think given the amount of information I’ve been fed about what to do on the date I run the risk of curtseying, fist bumping him or dropping to one knee and out and out proposing in the confusion.

So, once more into the breach go I. Or more accurately seeing as I have never been taken out to dinner by a man before, first time into the breach go I. Don’t worry, someone I trust has his contact details and details of where we are going so just in case he turns out to be an axe wielding psychopath she’ll be able to offer him a cut of the profits from selling my stuff on Ebay.


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