Feeling like I was going to throw up and having walked around the block once because I was so early I walked into the restaurant and took a seat at the bar. He arrived a few minutes later and I was not disappointed – tall and handsome with a warm smile and twinkly blue eyes. He’d obviously made an effort in getting ready but wasn’t overdressed or over preened which made me happy.

I like to think that we clicked instantly as we couldn’t stop talking and were gently bantering and flirting before we even sat down at our table. We shared our food as we both liked the same dishes (don’t start imagining a 9 1/2 weeks scenario, we both used our own cutlery – cooties!) and he was more than happy to swap plates so that I didn’t look like the naughty one who barely made a dent in her main meal…. hehe.

Dinner passed in a bit of a blur, lots of laughing, lots of talking, a smidgen of flirting – we both decreed this was one of the best dates we’d been on, I think I even said ‘Third time lucky’. The bill arrived, he wouldn’t even let me see it let alone pay for it and so I took my opportunity to make it known that ‘next time is on me’. After dinner we went over the road to the pub for some more drinks, sat huddled over a little table at which point I became very aware of my chesticles and so although I was leaning alluringly across towards him I was also resting my chin in my hand as a sort of human modesty panel.

He finally let me buy a round and asked for a bottled beer, giving me the challenge ‘surprise me’. Oh the urge I had to buy the biggest pinkest cocktail they sold complete with an umbrella and morello cherry on a stick to see if he could laugh it off but as I quite like him I played it safe and went for the third beer the barmaid mentioned, a Budweiser.

The end of the night started to loom as he had an early start for work whereas I had the beauty of a lie in and so as it was raining, I played the independent woman card and offered him a lift home.

We walked to my little silver chariot, so far so good. Of course when behind the steering wheel I turned into my usual bird brained clot of a self and almost had a car accident getting out of the multi-storey car park which involved some very angry looks from a chav in a souped up silver penis extension. Luckily I reigned in my inner foulmouth and managed a cheeky ‘oops’ before he gallantly decreed it was the other car’s fault.

And so, the dreaded moment, the goodbye… I would call it the climax but I know what you lot are like. Sat in my car parked on double yellow lines outside his apartment block wishing the night could go on a lot longer.

A hug, a kiss on the cheek and then he asks, ‘So, when shall we do this again?’ Phew… Thank Christ I didn’t put him off by talking the hind legs off a donkey or ending up with my dinner all round my mouth. We settled on a date and feeling emboldened by him asking to see me again I leant over and gave him a very chaste kiss on the lips before driving off into the night with a big daft grin on my face.


4 thoughts on “So…

  1. First entry I've read – how lazy am I? Sounds like it went well…sweet! But 'chesticles!' Really? All those lovely words (bazookas, jublies, cushions, hooters and knockers spring to mind…you get the idea) and you chose one that hints at a pair of hairy bollocks.Anyway, glad to hear the tale will continue.

  2. I'm so happy for you! God I'm losing patience with this online dating lark all of 3 weeks in. It takes so bloody long. Your date sounds super promising though, I hope you keep updating us on how things are going! x

  3. Hi La,Stick with the dating, I started off using it as just practice really having been out of the game for a LONG time. Plus the 'I want patner, you make beautyful children' emails used to make me giggle. xx

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