One sleep…

I'm reclining on my sofa surrounded by a pile of presents and cards and although I'm home alone on this February Friday night I'm feeling very loved, very lucky and very light (of spirit, I'm still pretty chunky). I'm also sat on my hands so I don't open my presents tonight and then have nothing to open tomorrow. Some things never change.

So, my last day of being 27. It's hard to believe that tomorrow I'll be 28 because well, that's OLD. In my head that's married with babies age, how have I gotten here so quickly? The answer is I've crammed in an awful lot of living into my years on the earth, some good, some bad, some bloody awful but it's all made me who I am today. That is someone who feels ready to be 28, no matter how ancient it feels. I've even started to use anti wrinkle cream to keep the years at bay.

Two days on the trot this week I've received pieces of post that I assumed were birthday cards, both turned out to be wedding invitations. One was expected for the wedding of the 'G' to the 'B', uni friends who are doing the deed in May, the other was from one of my Mum's best friends who is finally marrying the most wonderful man in August. I cried at the latter news, Mum championed them getting together for years and years but sadly she died without knowing that they'd finally found love. She'd be over the moon about that but what would really have tickled her is that she was right all along.

Mum's been on my mind this week a lot but in a nice, warming way. I've been in touch with a family friend who has known me since I was teeny tiny but emigrated to Australia when I was about 6. After adding her on Facebook (seriously, what did we do before it came along?) she sent me a message in which she said:

"When I saw your facebook picture I had to take a few deep breaths you look so like your mum!"

Can't tell you how happy that made me. Literally beaming that someone thinks I look like her, it makes me feel like she's *actually* always with me.

God I've gone all wishy washy now. Heh. Right, time to sign off – only a bit more hand sitting until I get to rip my pressies open like some sort of birthday fiend!


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