Burning the candle at both ends

I’m being propelled through my day at work by smile inducing flashbacks to my weekend and the knowledge that it’s nearly 4 o’clock and thus time to go home for a granny nap. I’m working off the back of a three night hangover, a sore neck from snuggling and damned near no ability to concentrate because of the events of the weekend. The two bottles of wine on the edge of my desk aren’t helping matters either….

I’ve been spoilt rotten all weekend in terms of cards and presents but more importantly to me, in terms of seeing friends, laughing, nattering until my throat was sore and feeling really loved. It made me so happy to sit at dinner on Saturday night and see my friends, some of whom had never met before, chattering away happily and all there to celebrate the day I entered the world. After dinner we went downstairs to the bar which was packed with hoardes of girls who should be on Beeb Three’s ‘Snog, Marry, Avoid’ and men who modelled themselves on Chelsea footballers in thought, word and deed. The drinks were cheap, they were playing old school hip hop, we got in free and took over their laughingly casual ‘VIP’ section so decided to stick around.

If I’m honest, the thing I loved most about my night was being able to say at half eleven, ‘actually I’m quite tired can we call it a night’ without worrying about any of my friends calling me a lamo for bugging out so early. By 1 o’clock I was all tucked up in bed feeling a bit twaddled and looking forward to a great sleep……… Two thirty a.m and *bing* I’m wide awake and the room is spinning.

No chance of a disco nap for me on Sunday though as I had a second date to prepare for. Colleagues amusingly gave me vouchers for the company date man works for, one colleague went as far as suggesting I took the vouchers on the date to ask what I could cash them in for….. I chickened out of doing it but did relay the story which got a laugh. So there we were on the sofa watching a movie, his arm round my shoulder and holding hands like kids. On screen, a geeky boy who kept chickening out of kissing the hot piece of ass girl which was frustrating me so I sqwawked ‘OH MY GOD JUST KISS HER’. Cue date man tilting my chin towards him and, well it was very nice. Until I made a knob of myself by saying ‘I’ve been looking forward to that since Tuesday’……. *clang*

It can’t have been all bad though as we’ve set a date for number three.


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