Vagina in your hand / Men are like buses

I’ve been meaning to update for a few days but after a hellish six hour drive on Saturday back from North London on top of a night out I collapsed onto the sofa and didn’t move before eventually hauling arse to bed and passing out. Sunday brought a massive row with PG about money, more specifically him secretly bailing out our joint account to tune to £1200 since November (apparently he was ‘too busy’ to tell me) and so now I owe him six hundred squiddlies. ARSEBISCUITS!

Friday saw me hurtling over to Saarfend to the magic opticians to collect my gorgeous new glasses. He was going to post them to me but I must confess, the chance to go and see my potential adoptive Gramps was tooooo tempting to turn down. If you’re in the area and in need of some new spectacles, forget Specsavers you simply must go to Smart Vision in Southend and see the wonderful Joe Bees. He wears a pristine lab coat that looks like it has Werther’s Originals in the pocket and for an old guy has a cheeky sense of humour that makes him sparkle. The service is incredible, he won’t let you try on any glasses, preferring to pick pairs that will suit your face. It’s a definite exercise in trusting the process but I’m very glad I did and it’s also significantly cheaper than any other opticians I have ever visited.

After a fleeting visit with the Middlewife and my Bush baby nephew I hopped in my car and drove to East Finchley to park up for the night. Some knobhead drove into the back of me on the North Circular and he reinforced my stereotype that men of a certain age who drive Beemers are all wankers by getting out of his car to shout and scream at me. What a cock. I checked into our hotel in King’s Cross, less said about that the better and got ready for what turned out to be an awesome night at Power Ballads. I defy anyone to go to the club night at La Scala and not have an immense time, there is nothing quite like rocking out to wicked tunes surrounded by people who really don’t give a monkeys what people think of them. I highly recommend it.

A hectic weekend meant that I didn’t get time to squeeze in seeing date man – something that I find myself enjoying, he’s great company and he makes me laugh which is something I find really important. What is amusing though is that having been on for months without attracting anyone but weirdo’s I now have another very tall, very handsome, very normal man emailing me. It may be a coincidence, it may be just that I am loving myself more and therefore allowing myself to be loved (or fancied, let’s not get carried away!) but whatever it is it’s really really nice.

Apologies that this is bitty and a bit short, I’m titrating some new medication and it’s making me into a bit of a zombie. Supposed to be seeing date man tonight but plans are touch and go due to work, if I spend the night in I promise to do some more writing.


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