Double Dating

I find myself in the enviable position of having two men on the go. I don’t mean in the biblical sense, my vagina hasn’t started operating on a ‘one in one out’ policy however I can am dating two men at the same time. How deliciously daring. What makes it more exciting to me is that they are two very different sorts of chaps who elicit two very different responses in me. A sign of multiple personality disorder perhaps or just an indication that I don’t really have a clue who I am or what I want in a man.

Columbus is a tall, laid back, t-shirt wearing, indie schmindie, music obsessed gorgeous blue eyed bloke with a similar sense of humour and a sensitive soul.

Scoobs is a tall, rather more serious, suited and booted, corporate finance whizz kid gorgeous blue eyed bloke with a more subtle sense of the funny and what appears to be a belief in a stiff upper lip.

It’s almost a rerun of the ‘Sex and the City’ Carrie Bradshaw Aiden VS Big dilemma, indie enchantment VS old fashioned romance. I’m not sure I feel comfortable with the old fashioned romance side of things, just because my self esteem (yes, that old chestnut) has always made me feel that I am not worth the extra effort. I’ve always just felt more comfortable with offbeat quirky ways of showing affection rather than the wine and dine, roses and chocolates patter. Probably because chocolate makes me sick, I hate roses and I’m a legendary lightweight with a small appetite thanks to gastric surgery….

The extra addition to the old fashioned romance side of the argument is the old schtick of parental approval. It’s not like I’m setting out to deliberately torture the elders of my family by dating different men but at the same time, do I really want to date someone they love from the word go just because of his job title, prospects and the fact he’s a pro-smoothie? In the past I have dated some horrifically unsuitable characters in an attempt to rebel but is it time to give that up and go with the sensible option? Is it bugger.

In the words of the very sensible Mini Nizzle, I’m still following those butterflies. Whether they lead me down the path to indie enchantment or roses and red wine I don’t yet know but I’m looking forward to finding out.


9 thoughts on “Double Dating

  1. Yeah funny that I always say brown eyes when asked what colour eyes I'd like in a partner. Not that I place that much importance on eye colour over something like having a secret love child or being an axe wielding psychopath…Oh and fishy, which category do you fall into? Should I hazard a guess at indie schmindie? xxx

  2. Oh no Ally blue eyes are way more attractive!! This is exciting news, even better that you don’t have to make any big decisions yet – do you?Go along with the flow and enjoy yourself…XX

  3. Oh god no, going to put off making any decisions until I know for sure which way I want to go. It's all about going with the flow. Flow and the art of dating. Woo check me out being all 'zen'. xxx

  4. I should tell you this on every post, but I really can't put across to you how much I love reading your blog. Every time the little '(1)' shows up alongside your blogs name on my RSS reader I get very excited.Sorry to use a wank phrase, but your 'can-do' attitude is an inspiration. Keep it up!

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