Jumper bumps, handbags and the XX chromosome

Physically with my jumper bumps and lady garden, I’m a girl. Hormonally with my mood swings and too many handbags, I’m a girl. Genetically with my XX chromosome I’m a girl. However being 6’2 and having brick shithouse tendencies has meant I’ve never really felt like a girl. Thankfully that changed last night when I met Scoobs for a drink wearing proper heels on a date for the first time ever. He walked into the bar bowing his head slightly under the doorframe and I took a step back, so bowled over was I by the handsome gent in front of me. I was even more bowled over when I had to strain upwards slightly to kiss his cheek – reeeeesult! It felt like the natural order of the world was restored, finally I was definitely the female in the situation who if necessary would be protected by her companion. Not that I condone fighting and I similarly loathe men who say ‘I’m a lover not a fighter baybee’ (in what seems to be an obligatory cheesy accent) but I think deep down most women would like to feel like their partner could step in should need occur. Perhaps that is a terribly outmoded point of view and today’s women are all arse kicking super feminists who would sooner break a man’s arm than let him defend her in certain situations. Have I just outed myself as a misogynist? I’m not but I do like feeling delicate and femine sometimes.

What was also wonderful was the chance to flex my cranium and indulge in conversation not often on offer. Every topic under the sun including quantitative easing (errr what?), the stock market, music, travel tales, family, politics, Higher education reforms, current affairs, fab! I was amazed at being able to simultaneously hold an intelligent conversation actually offering opinions and not just nodding and going ‘mmhmm’ whilst internally doing cartwheels at how handsome he was and wondering if he was going to kiss me. It will sound *mad* but I felt like a grown up last night as I was on a date with a proper man, by that I mean a man I had to look up to. God if I’d have known it was going to be that easy to make me feel grown up I’d have looked for a taller man yonks ago!


2 thoughts on “Jumper bumps, handbags and the XX chromosome

  1. No Jamie Cullums for you young lady! This one sounds like a goodie! You seem to be having a good run of dates. I hope this one continues to impress!PS It must be so hard for you to meet suitable-heighted chaps as there seems to be a short man epidemic. I'm 5'7" and I'm thinking this. Men smaller than 5'10" repulse me! Shouldn't evolution be making them taller?!

  2. Fingers crossed indeed! I've never been on a date with a man taller than me and then suddenly two men came along. We obviously know what happened with Columbus…… so fingers crossed for Scoobs xxx

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