Excuses excuses

I love both my brothers dearly but I think if I approached either for advice about men and my love life they would run for the hills and keep on running. I have however been blessed with two wonderful sisters-in-law, one younger than me who lets me exercise my young person muscle by drinking and dancing and one older than me who has slotted very nicely into the role of big sister/mentor. What I love about the ‘Middle Wife’ is that she crosses that boundary between family and friend when giving me advice, she cuts straight to the point and tells me when I’m being an arse but does it in a very loving, friendly way.

My Stepmother can sometimes hit me both barrels when dispensing advice leaving me picking buckshot out of the wound and trying not to bleed over my expensive Johnnie LouLou’s bedlinen. This is when the ‘Middle Wife’ comes into her own as she slices through my witteringly bad bullshit like she’s cutting an umbilical cord but does it in a way that compared to my Stepmother’s shotgun approach it feels like she’s gently flicking me on the forehead and calling me a ‘dork’.

Last night I was having a wobble about this whole dating shindig and so having managed to avoid talking to my Stepmum about it was relieved when she passed the baton on to MW. I had barely got my opening spiel out when she stopped me and said ‘Stop making excuses’. My mouth dropped open, ready to bite back that I wasn’t and that my reasons for wobbling were perfectly valid (they really weren’t) but she was relentless is making me see that yes, I was indeed making ridiculous excuses and being a gigantic pussy.

I then had a remarkably similar conversation with the delectable Marmaloid this evening. When women get married do they suddenly gain the knowledge of how to handle dating? Is it a long service prize for making it to the altar without committing hara-kiri? I want some of the knowledge that all the married women I know seem to possess, they’ve already bagged their men so surely they can share the wealth. No? Oh. Okay. I guess I’ll keep muddling through until some man is fool enough to put a ring on it, that or I’ll take the advice of @teenytinyleanne over at ‘This Little Lady Went to London’ and I’ll get a cat.

Ps) Keep an eye out for some guest posts coming up in the next few weeks. I’m currently lining up victims, *ahem* I mean guest bloggers. So far in the mix we have a cancer warrior, a hip hop kid and a snarky estate agent – exciting times ahead!


One thought on “Excuses excuses

  1. When women get married do they suddenly gain the knowledge of how to handle dating?Quite the opposite, my dear. Marriage isn't the end of it, it's the beginning. Dating is just practice for the elaborate dance that constitutes married life.Never, ever assume that a woman who is married has "bagged" her man and that's the end of it. It's a whole new phase of adjustments and learning how to understand and deal with a man.

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