Rewriting the Rule Book

According to Barney Stinson from ‘How I Met Your Mother’ the three day rule, whereby a man must wait three days after a date before calling a woman, is due to Jesus and the fact he rose again after three days. You can watch the sketch here. In it, womanising Barney explains that men must wait three days because it’s what Jesus wants. He infers that Jesus waited three days in order to make the most of his reappearance and that that is why men need to adhere to the rule of three.

As a woman, it’s really quite annoying. I think it should be mandatory for people everywhere to be upfront about what they want rather than indulging in games. A flashing neon sign above the head ought to do the trick, or rather the simple rule ‘if you like her you call, if you don’t, don’t’. If that rule were in place, by now I’d know that I had been consigned to the ‘good but not for me’ pile rather than hanging on wondering if I’m going to get that elusive second date……


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