And I do appreciate you being 'round….

Over the past few days I’ve needed help with……………………….. a job application. Hah, you all thought I was going to say ‘a man’ didn’t you! I can’t say I blame you though, it’s been a bit man mad round here recently. (Hormones have a lot to answer for).

Anyhoo, regular readers will know that I have a certain level of dislike for my job and have been wanting to make a move into something more suitable for a while. I love my colleagues and I think I almost get high on the daily banter that we have but sadly the work just isn’t for me. My friends can attest though that if I had a pound coin for every career path I’ve considered in the past few years then I wouldn’t need to work again, ah the joy of being indecisive, however whilst talking to the delectable LV I was honest about what I wanted to do but also about what was holding me back. In the words of Lily Allen it was ‘the fear’. Fear that I would be laughed at for daring to dream and fear that I didn’t even know where to start in making it happen.

I need not have worried my pretty little head about it though because I’m blessed with absolutely cracking friends who have held me up and shaken me until I believe that the job I’m applying for is something I would be good at. More than that, they’ve bent over backwards to help me by tweaking my application, offering their expert advice and generally being fantastically good eggs. All of it without me having to ask – they practically bit my hands off with offers of assistance. Okay so I’m not over my fear of asking for help but it’s going to get easier when I know I have such a good crew behind me willing me on.

The hardest part? Trying to make my current job sound in any way related to the job I’m applying for. That was a challenge and a half and almost reduced me to writing ‘Please give me the job for I am lovely and can talk lots’.


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