Oh man…

Really you’re going to wait EIGHT days after a date before getting in touch? When you claim to have impeccable manners and be an old fashioned gentleman? Jog on sonny I’m not down with that. Or am I?

Scooby’s excuse for leaving me hanging was being busy at work, a lame excuse if ever I heard it so why is my head being all understanding and thinking ‘aww poor lamb working so hard’. What’s up with that? Apparently I’m really intelligent and I have really nice eyes however he’s not sure if he felt the ‘x factor’ between us but he thinks I’m certainly a really nice girl and he wishes there were more women in the world like me. Pretty conclusive right?

Not if you’re inside my head. My noggin is trying to convince me that having said on our date that people take time to grow on him perhaps it’s not necessarily a bad thing that he isn’t sure, maybe he just wants to take some time? Maybe in a few dates time he’ll realise that actually I’m not so bad after all and would probably make quite a nice girlfriend? Actually he won’t because there is an offer on the table to meet for coffee ‘as friends’………………….. I could probably have dealt with that, he’s intelligent and we have D&M’s (deep and meaningfuls) and also it doesn’t do a girl’s self esteem any harm to be seen out and about with such a bloody handsome man, but as per usual in my dealings with the opposite sex there was a kicker, a sting in the tail, a caveat…… Scooby is soooooooo busy and important (can you HEAR the sarcasm?!) that he can’t fit me into his schedule for THREE FRIGGING WEEKS.

I’m blessed with lots of friends, wonderful friends who make it a priority to see me because they like spending time with me. We all lead busy lives but we still make time for each other, which is why I should tell Scooby to hit the road and not look back. I can’t bring myself to send a reply telling him ‘thanks but no thanks Chufty’, it’s as if I am some sort of masochist who likes the feeling of being dangled on a string by a long tall streak of piss.


7 thoughts on “Oh man…

  1. oh I'm rubbish at blog commenting but I have to….You're better than this situation. Not that it's ever easy, but I just wanted to remind you of what I'm guessing might be an often forgotten fact.That and I'm free for coffee whenever (seriously) aslong as you can put up with a 10mth old in tow.

  2. Disclaimer…Bitter Rach is about to come out to play so watch out. I am sick to death of these type of men. Sorry Ally your first instincts were right it’s bull shit. Cliché, after cliché of bull shit. Does he ever stop to think that the reason that people have to take time to grow on him is because he’s the fecking problem in all of this. I’m sorry, it takes how long to send a quick text message? Errr about 10 minutes for even the least competent and I’m assuming if he is so busy and important he’ll be pretty handy with this handwork (and if he keeps blowing girls off because of his own self importance he’ll need to be). Really, I don’t buy this “I’m just too busy” crap one second longer and I think as women we need to see through this and as you so rightly said at the begging tell him to jog on!REALLY! It’s rudeness and what’s one thing I can’t deal with? Yep, rudeness. I’m waiting on a call from Mr Ex. Now, keeping in mind the day before he “dumped” me I was the best girl in the world who he couldn’t wait to talk too I’ve now been relegated to a quick DM (Yep that’s right he doesn’t even have the fecking courtesy to respond to me via text anymore). Me being the soft walkover that I am, I’m going out of my way to help him with his PR, I don’t mind this, I’m trying to be his friend but after him standing me up this weekend, not calling and then when he says he’s going to call the last two times and hasn’t I’ve had enough. He uses the EXACT same excuse – “Ive been so busy”, “It’s been crazy at work” etc etc…lies. He’s just a gutless wonder. Tell him to get lost Ally, you’re worth more than that and he knows it!!!

  3. As a man (or indeed, a human being) I struggle to grasp the fact that he genuinely though being 'too busy' is a good excuse. Either he's lying, and he has been putting it off – or he is a ridiculous confused individual who genuinely does think he's been 'too busy'.Nobody, ever, is too busy to send a text.Don't get me wrong, I'm not an old fashioned romantic, if anything I am fairly adverse to labelling 'boyfriend/girlfriend' relationships. But in relationships with people, colleagues, friends and family honesty is so important. And he wasn't being honest by saying he's been too busy (or he's mental – see above).Only surround yourself with people who are honest at all times. I have so many friends that are downright rude to my face because they're being honest, and I like them a hell of a lot more than somebody who lies and makes stuff up.Keep up the good work. Honestly!

  4. @Lipglossiping – Thank you for commenting, I don't think you're rubbish at all, either at blog commenting or at being a human. Would love to meet for coffee with you and your gorgeous daughter! will DM you xxxx@Rachael – I don't think that's bitter Rach, I think that's feisty Rach and I like it. I need the sorts of women in my life who can back up my initial 'bullshit' instincts as I'm too gullible by half. Being a total newbie to the dating scene I let men get away with more than I should in the hopes that it'll make them stick around. Well, no more! If I kick Scooby to the kerb it sounds like you should kick your gutless wonder into touch………… hard! xx@Benjamin – Ooh I do like you. You're such a good advertisement for the men of the world and you're right, honesty is everything. He seems to be completely emotionally stunted and so I should run away in the other direction as fast as my chubby legs will carry me! *peeeeow* (that's the noise of me running away) xx

  5. OOOO my first comment! You know my feelings on this subject and I think that my big black marker pen needs to come out and he needs to be branded with it!*loving peeeeow* top noise for running

  6. @Justypooh – I think your big black marker pen needs to come out too, especially if you give him the same treatment KK and I got in Chelty! Thanks for popping your comment cherry on my little blogette, love the new technowhizz Justy! xx

  7. Too busy for three weeks? Not a single afternoon to catch up for a coffee? Whether he's playing hard to get or simply ridiculously arrogant, his behaviour is childish.Don't waste your time on him hun, life is too short to waste on game players. Just treat him as a practice date for the really decent men out there 😀

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