Guest Blogger: Benjamin, I Can Handle It

Upon noticing that Ally had decided to take on some guest bloggers I had a dilemma. I really wanted to write something, as I am a huge fan of the very page that these words are displayed on, but I instantly thought – how can I compare?

Luckily, this gave me an idea – I’ve decided to write a short piece on giving yourself the opportunity to handle whatever comes your way.

I first came across the notion of letting yourself handle anything and everything in Susan Jeffers celebrated book Feel the Fear and do it Anyway.
Like many similar books, I feel at two-hundred pages it is too long. However, I did take away one clear message from the book, the notion that:


Such a simple sentence, but it has been incredibly effective. I put the idea into practice straight away. Whenever an awkward situation came up at work or within any given social event, one where perhaps I didn’t feel completely qualified to deal with it, or indeed failure to do the task well would resolve in harsh disciplinary action, I would just say to myself: I CAN HANDLE IT.

You’re thinking in the present tense. I CAN HANDLE IT. It’s affirmative. Much like when athletes visualise running across the finish line first, the visualisation process is a lot more effective when they associate the image – they look at the image through their own eyes, rather than watching them win the race through the eyes of a stranger.
By telling yourself you CAN handle any given situation you are sending a message to your brain telling it to buck its ideas up, because failure is not an option!

When I was a teenager, full of angst, hatred for the world, and indeed cider, every so often, when I looked upon my painful and dreadful life I would think to myself “Actually, if I just act like everything is okay I feel a whole lot better”. Obviously everything was okay – but at that age everybody’s against you – especially yourself.
These periods of “Acting like everything is okay” didn’t last long, but I realise now that this was a form of the “I can handle it” notion.

We all have it within us to handle any given situation, and more importantly, feel confident in doing so. This is much the reason why I read Ally’s blog in the first place. She can handle it, and she knows it.

So without sounding too much like an overpaid therapist, I advise you to, just for today, say “I CAN HANDLE IT” when a situation arises that you would normally stray away from. An awkward call at work, an irate customer in a shop, or a project that seems just too big to start. Whenever you confront a situation that makes you feel in over your head, just say to yourself I CAN HANDLE IT, and leave the rest to you.

For more from the wonderful Benjamin scoot on over to – Huge apologies to Benjamin for being an idiot and forgetting to post this on Saturday!


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