Three Doctors, An Author and a Blow Up Bed

Sounds like the start of a joke hey. It wasn’t a joke but it was the calamitous but hysterical moment that we were forced to stab the First Lobster’s airbed because try as we might we couldn’t get the toggle out and there was no way in heck that it would fit in anyone’s car still blown up! Cue much mirth as First Lobster stabbed it with a kitchen knife and then all four of us spent a good fifteen minutes rolling around on it, bouncing up and down, giggling, squealing and to anyone listening outside, making noises like we were involved in a porno.

This past weekend shall forever be known as ‘Punting, Pampering and Peculiar Behaviour’, it was 18 go mad in Oxford for Mggy’s hen weekend and all credit due to her wonderful chief bridesmaid for organising everything. We stayed in a beautiful farmhouse just outside central Oxford and spent Saturday morning doing some ‘messing about on the river’…. Yes, some mad person actually judged us to be responsible enough to go punting. Two glorious hours of floating downstream, drinking bubbly and eating crisps whilst desperately trying to stay out of the way of the proper river users (who knew what they were doing). ‘Twas a great success, barring a few minor incidents involving a bramble bush, a missing pole, a crash with a log and almost losing a bridesmaid over the side.

The weekend shot past in the blink of an eye and the pop of a cork…. Who am I kidding, the pop of several corks, the fizz of some gin, a couple of apple sourz boatraces and some flaming drambuie (complete with requisite shotglass burn), lots of sunshine and a lot of gossip fodder, plus a groom who was a jolly good sport assisting with some bridal themed games prep that caused much hilarity in our afternoon on the lawn. I never thought I would find myself drinking the world’s strongest G&T in a garden where children were playing dress up whilst also being involved in a whispered game of bridal bingo, ‘wangs’, ‘sextoys’, ‘BJ’ and all….

I’ll be back to my usual blogging behaviour from tomorrow when I’ve caught up on some sleep, but in the meantime are you following me on Twitter? Have you joined my fanpage on Facebook? Do you subscribe to get my updates sent to you via the magic of the interwebnet? The links in the top right hand corner will make it possible for you to do all those things, imagine! Please use them, it took me shagging AGES to sort the HTML out myself, without any (much) help from the Computer Geek!


2 thoughts on “Three Doctors, An Author and a Blow Up Bed

  1. Hi Honey..It sounds like you had a much needed blow out. Glad you recharged the batteries for the months ahead.Awesome blog as usual. Must meet one day xoxoxo

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