50's Fever

I'd like to start by wishing my darling Popsicle a very happy sixty *cough* birthday today. If you're reading Dad then I hope you're having a wonderful day and that you know I love you oodles – I'm very glad that you're my Dad but also, I'm so glad you're my friend.

I've finally made a fashion break through (and the crowd goes wild!) by getting over my fear that a 50's style dress would make me look like a big old fatty fat. I bought a waist cincher belt from Tesco's a few weeks ago and MY GOD it made my arse take on epic proportions. My top half looked pretty slinky, my waist was all nipped in and lovely and then KABOOM. I had enough junk all up in my trunk to share with all the skinny bottomed women on the planet.

It was with trepidation then that I toddled off to Debenebenhams to try on two waist cinching flarey dresses. Working up the nerve to go and try them on I skinked into the changing room with three slinky dresses ignoring the (imaginary) screwy looks from the shop assistant which (in my head) said 'you reckon you'll fit in those?!'

Of course I fit and what's more I felt feminine, attractive and wanted to swish out of the cubicle and swirl round the shop helping old people, kissing babies and tripping the light fantastic. I stood in the changing room and imagined myself with some gorgeous peep toe shoes and a glamorous little bag being elegant, graceful and charming with a tinkly little laugh. Being a tomboy who lives in jeans never in a billion years did I think I would want to wear a dress but I'm so enamoured by these two in particular that I want to wear them ALL THE TIME.


One thought on “50's Fever

  1. Yet again, my beautiful lady, you have made my eyes go leaky with your tales from the big side…You are an amazing woman and have the ability to be feminine and divine.. Don't ever forget that.. xoxoxxo

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