Plant, Pet, Partner

I was going to blog yesterday but had that scratchy feeling behind my eyes where the tears were itching to come out and if I had to sit and think I would have ended up bawling my bleeding eyes out for an unknown reason.

Alright not an unknown reason……. for lots of known and scary reasons that I sensibly chose to ignore until they had calmed down in my head a smidge. In order to facilitate successful ignoring regime I got on the blower to my lovely friends Bells and the Boyfriend and headed down to the shire for a taste of the good life in their lovely cottage involving lambs, delicious food, fantastic company oh and making JAM. Bells and the Boyfriend are living the rural dream and so having gathered up several armfuls of rhubarb we set about chopping, mixing and cooking – as well as burning, OUCH!

Bells has potted me a busy lizzie from her gorgeous garden and I have accepted the challenge of y’know, actually keeping it alive. I’ve been the lucky recipient of several plants from the lady over the years and so far have managed to kill all of them, so this really will be a challenge. It’s not just plants that I kill however, computers seem to hate me too (touches wood about laptop). The Boyfriend, who I hereby rename ‘Orlando’ (because he looks like a certain pirate) reminded me about ’28 Days’, the film where Sandra Bullock ends up in rehab and they tell her she has to go through the levels of responsbility before having a relationship with an actual grown up. In other words, she needs a plant (alive), then a pet (healthy & happy) and then she can try her hand at the opposite sex.

I better make sure I don’t kill this flipping busy lizzie then or I’ll never be able to either have a relationship or even be a crazy cat lady.


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