The Furry Cup

Mr Black Trousers aka 'The Bottom' has been located, has been seen in his underpants *gulp* and has even managed to convince me that some men can look hot with full beards…

Before you all go thinking I'm a dirty schlaaaag who has leapt in to bed with a colleague that was unnamed and unknown until a few days ago, be reassured I haven't but I will say that it's amazing what pictures people will put on the Internet! *gulp*

It turns out that one of my lovely workmates has actually met 'The Bottom' at a barbecue and that they share a mutual friend. Whilst this is wonderful stuff that there is a tenuous link there the question does remain – how does one convert such a tenuous link in to a chance meeting where he can stare into my big brown eyes (or eye up my mammaries I don't mind) before falling madly in love with me.

Answers on a postcard? Or should I go for the teenage style of courting, a poke on Facebook and a message saying 'oh my days you is like well fit innit'.

Amusing that I'm trying to work out how to meet this chappie when I deleted my internet dating profile today after declaring myself 'off men'. No Dad, I'm not drinking from the furry cup, I'm just taking a break!


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