Quickie update

So chaps where are we. Well! I've signed contracts on my new place to live tonight which is exciting and scary all rolled in to one (excary? Scating?) and am due to move on the 1st July. Huge room, lovely house, garden, off road parking and all that jazz and a house bunny rabbit and cat.

I know I said I was going to do plant, pet, man but these pets won't belong to me, I'll just get to pet them and love them and cuddle them without having to clean up after them, feed them or pay vets bills. My busy lizzy from the wonderful Bells is growing nicely although all the bud bits shrivelled and dropped off so I'm not sure what's going on there, green fingered I am not.

Nothing to report on the man front, which is actually rather nice because it means I'm not constantly checking my phone and obsessing over every little nuance like a numpty and therefore am GETTING THINGS DONE. Some big decisions going on at the moment but for a variety of reasons I am not at liberty to discuss them on here just yet, MI5 don't like people discussing their recruitment process. Kidding!

Saw my shrink on Tuesday – still mental. So nuts in fact he upped the dose and told the medical student who was sitting in on the session that I'm an 'interesting case' which is blatantly psych speak for 'nucking futs'.

Anyhoo, just a lightening fast update so you don't feel neglected, normal service will resume tomorrow and then die again on Friday as I'm off to Dorset for the long weekend for Mg and Chopperboy's wedding, huzzah!


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