Oh Em Gee it's the B's!

I spent this weekend down in Dorset to watch Miss G become Mrs B by forever splicing herself to her handsome Lieutenant B. It was a beautiful wedding, you could tell that the happy couple had put so much thought into every detail and having been present on their very first date (albeit surreptitiously) it was very special to see it come to fruition. However having such a long weekend made me realise though, I’m not cut out for a 9-5 slog, I think I am much more suited to being a lady what lunches and maybe does a spot of shopping in the quiet moments so if anyone has the winning lottery numbers?

The dick of the day award has to go to an unnamed friend who programmed the sat nav wrong and so on the Friday night, instead of ending up at the reception venue where we were staying before the nuptials, ended up some 40 minutes away….. outside the bride’s Mum and Dad’s house! Nice work Little Miss Unnamed! šŸ˜‰ Oh and thanks for giving us a bleeding good laugh, especially as you were heard to proclaim ‘Of course we’re going the right way I’m not ******* stupid’ when asked by your travel companion if you were in fact headed in the right direction. Classic!

Managed to squeeze in a quick trip to Banjo Country to see Humphrey Big Bear and the family in the glorious sunshine which failed to make an appearance on the day of the wedding (grrr damn you) but meant that I am now a fetching shade of lobster pink in some very random places. My right knee, above my right eyebrow, the right side of my right hand and my right ear are all a bit radioactive and thus having aftersun applied liberally at every given opportunity. After the statutory webbed feet check of my little blonde surfer nephew I rolled further into the Dorset countryside to go to a BBQ at Lady Gah-gah and Princess Fiona’s new bachelorette pad. Cue cocktails, cake and lots of talk about NSBM (No Sex Before Marriage) men. Tuesday dawned FAR TOO EARLY with a dawn chorus and left me faced with a drive back to Southampton for a half day at work with a four day hangover. Yikes.


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