Controlled flailing.

In a moment of madness I decided to sign up to a 6 week Pilates course with a friend, it’s run in the gym directly opposite my office and, having signed up with Kendo Girl who is a full on gym mentalist (she’s like a Southern version of Crusher) I know she’ll kick my arse if I even contemplate skipping a week.

Yesterday morning I woke up in a cold sweat after dreaming about a school timetable filled with nothing but P.E lessons, the fear of putting on my jogging bottoms and a baggy t-shirt plus potentially making a total knob of myself in front of people made me want to put the duvet back over my head and hide but fearing Kendo Girl rocking up on my doorstep I hauled arse out of bed.

I’d bought some slinky new pilates trousers, they looked like expensive ‘Sweaty Betty’ ones but were actually a pair of pyjama bottoms from Florence + Fred (shhh our little secret) that were exceptionally clingy, especially around the chunky thigh area and thus probably the stuff of further nightmares (for other people having to see me in them). Having only cost mere pounds I was amazed to find that the fabric had magical qualities and by just putting them on I instantly felt fitter, more flexible and seriously in the mood to get my stretch on.

When you consider that I studied at the university I work for and Kendo Girl didn’t it was rather embarrassing for her to have to show me where the sports hall was, it transpires that I had been there once before but only for a hellish statistics exam eight years ago that I passed by some miracle. The moment arrived when the class was starting and somehow I’d ended up in the middle of the pack with people behind me, no doubt sniggering about the size of my arse and wobbly thighs but there was no escape – Kendo Girl was between me and the door. DAMN.

Actually it wasn’t half bad, I worked up a sweat and felt muscles that I didn’t know I had screeching at me for mercy. I was amazed, and pretty chuffed, at being able to keep up with all the exercises and in some points be able to do the more difficult version – who knew I was a hardcase?! Woke up this morning with a deep ache in my thighs, a massively positive feeling in me about this whole exercise lark plus an email in my inbox that put a grin on my face…….


2 thoughts on “Controlled flailing.

  1. Excellent work LTA.I have oodles of will power, just no 'won't' power. I run, therefore I eat, yet my intake exceeds my output two to one as I battle against the inevitable bulge.More power to you.

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