Itty Bitty

Titty Committee….

Actually it’s just going to be an itty bitty sort of update but I can’t hear those words without adding titty committee on the end. Just me? Ok, just me. *adds it to list of Ally’s oddities*

First things first you ‘orrible lot I want you all to part with some cash folding (preferably), or cash clinking if you’re skint. I’ve signed up to do the Race for Life again this summer, not something I enjoy doing and yes I know I swore last summer I’d never do it again but the lure of the medal swung me round. My only goal for this year is to be sub 40 minutes, whereas my only goal for last year was not to die halfway round so you’ll agree I’ve made leaps and bounds towards fitness right? Now I know you’re all very generous, gorgeous people who all know a good cause when you see one so why not scoot over to and make a donation. I’ll be eternally grateful. Seriously. Without getting too maudlin, we all know someone who has been affected by cancer and it sucks massive donkey dick so get on it.

House move is looming ever close and I still haven’t started to pack. We collectively have too much furniture that neither of us want and so battle will soon commence over who gets lumbered with the stuff. In normal divorces people argue over who gets to keep things but ours will be a reverse tug of war as I try and palm off the unwanted crap. In reality we’re going to bung some of it on ebay and freecycle the rest but it still involves one of us organising putting it on there and doing the organising. Seeing as 100% of the unnecessary furniture came from my Stepmum it’ll be yours truly doing the donkey work. PG and I are getting on better with the impending separation, although I was a bit offended that he was looking at other house shares – if the bitch is going to ditch me it better be for a bedsit/studio flat and not to live with other people…..

My thighs have finally stopped hurting from Pilates class which is ecky-brill and just in time for….. another Pilates class. I know they say that pain is just weakness leaving the body but I’m down with my weakness, I’m happy to kick it with flabby thighs and a wobbly tum. Actually who am I kidding, I want thighs that can crack walnuts and a stomach you can bounce a quarter off. *drifts off in a daydream about being muscle mary*…..


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