Booze blues and lady love

I was struck by the booze blues the other night, grumpy, hot, tired, achy and whingy was I. Thankfully I was home alone otherwise PG might have punched me in the face until I passed out.* I cried because I was so hot and couldn't get cool, I couldn't drink or eat anything due to a very real fear of spewing my guts up and I was fidgety like a cat on a hot tin roof. In short I was a mess. BUT it was from a bloody good night out so it's okay right? RIGHT?! 

Onto the lady love… My Pops will be pleased to hear I'm still not a lesbian (no matter what certain village gossips say!) as like most gentlemen of a certain age he doesn't really understand lesbians, however I am in love with a whole load of ladies and I'm not ashamed to shout it from the rooftops.

I've never held much truck with this 'being friends with girls' malarky because I always thought girls were bitches who only kept me round in order to fulfill the role of 'fat friend', the heifer in the corner who by very virtue of looking like a minger made the rest of the girls seem even more beautiful. Add to that the fact that as a teen, most girls were all interested in fashion and snogging, neither of which were part of my universe and I tended to steer clear of them. I do have some wonderful girlfriends from my younger years however on the whole I don't DO women. In either sense. 

Suddenly out of nowhere it occured to me I have hoardes of amazing women I'm lucky enough to call friends now. The change has come about because I don't feel like a fraud talking about fashion and men and *gasp* sex. The reason I had such a stonking hangover was from a night out with my Twitterati girlies, cocktails and karaoke in Islington – a proper girl's night out. I call them girlies but it's a bit of a misnomer, believe me, they are all WOMEN. Independent, dynamic and the loveliest girls I could ever have hoped to meet through a social networking site.   

Of course it's not just given me a new circle of amazing friends, the other day it made one of my dreams come true. I've always dreamt of having a byline in a certain woman's magazine and so having sent a cheeky tweet to the editor about this very blog I was absolutely FLABBERGASTED to get a reply……. Telling me they wanted to commission me!

I'm going to have an article in GLAMOUR, my favourite women's magazine! *faints* I'm so over the moon, this blog has given me things I never thought possible – wonderful readers, new friends, somewhere to sort out the shit in my head, a place to vent, an insight into the 'new' me, quite apart from the book and now article commission. Dreams do come true!!**

*PG isn't really a woman beater but honestly, I needed someone to give me a slap, I was even annoying myself.

** Obviously I will let you know when the article is in so you can all rush and buy! Xxx


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