Shit just got real…

I am moving house in 10 days time and I've not packed anything of substance. I've boshed some never worn shoes into a duffel bag, stuffed some winter clothes into a suitcase and shoved it under the bed and sighed a lot whilst thinking about having to pack up my bookshelves.

It all got real today when I decided to freecycle all our surplus furniture and so over the next few days we'll be losing the sofa, the TV, the coffee table and one of the beds. It'll be like camping but without all the nature and shit. Then I went and blagged some massive cardboard boxes and booked a man with a van who turned out to be my neighbour. Now I've got a car full of empty boxes and a man primed and ready to lug my boxes of shit down three flights of stairs into his van but nothing really packed.

Every time I've moved for the last six years it's been with PG and he's taken charge of everything, organising the van, playing van tetris to pack all our stuff in, driving the van (with the obligatory white van man commentary 'awright dahlin?') and once rather memorably reversing the van into the wall of our new house. Thank fuck for damage waivers is all I can say.

It was with a massive sense of pride then that when he came home this evening and we saw each other for the first time in 4 days I was able to reel off the list of 'moving prep' jobs I had done. He even had the grace to seem impressed by my arrangements.

I don't want to move but there's no point being a big girl's blouse about it cos it's happening whether I'm packed and ready or not. I decided then I'd rather face up to it and move on my own terms than bury my head in the sand and feel as though the act of moving was something that was being done TO me. By making my own arrangements and not relying on PG it almost makes it easier to pretend that it's my choice to move and to ignore the hurt feelings that he appears to be moving into another house share (the bellend!).

Of course the first night in my new house I will sob like a freaking baby about the end of life as I know it so prepare yourselves for a down swing in my 'new house, new start' positivity… I DON'T WANT TO MOVE!!!!!


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