It's only…

A coffee table! A man is coming to pick up our unwanted glass coffee table tomorrrow because to be honest it's been cluttering up our various houses for the past 3 years and now is a good time to get shot of it.

I don't want it to go though *sadface* because as much as I hate the stupid thing it's been in my family for years and years. I remember scratching myself on the stupid metal corners and getting finger marks on the glass top whilst playing cards with my Grandpa.

Although I don't have any specific 'Mum memories' linked to it, it does feel like I'm waving goodbye to another part of her and that sucks. It's making me cry – IT'S ONLY A TABLE! A particularly ugly looking table at that and yet, I'm sat here debating emailing the guy back and telling him I've changed my mind therefore lumbering myself with it for another few years. Or emailing him and making sure him promise faithfully that his intentions are entirely honourable and he'll promise to look after the table and treat it well. Utterly ridiculous.

I know what it's really all about though, the anniversary of Mum's death is just under two weeks away and combine that with moving and feeling like I'm losing my life as I know it and I'm feeling a bit wobbly. Really though, tears over a table? Melodramatic much?



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