New Life Day 1

Q: How do you know when you need work on your self image?

A: When you're in an amazing house, have had your hair and makeup done by an amazing professional, are having your picture taken by an exceptionally talented photographer and you STILL don't like any of the photos!
I stepped out of my comfort zone and into another universe for my first ever photoshoot in London today. The location was the most beautiful house I have EVER seen, it features in a lot of interior magazines and honestly it was as if someone had been inside my brain and turned my thoughts into a house. I spent a lot of the day trying to convince the team to change the locks and squat it whilst peeking round the rooms and gawping at the sheer beauty of it.

I loved being pampered, the Makeup artist Jo was so talented and really put me at ease, it felt like she had my back, even having a quiet word with the photographer when I wasn't feeling comfy in one of the outfits. If ever you need makeup doing I can highly recommend her services, Jo Clayton,

I loved being told how to pose to show off what God gave me, I was paying attention all day so next time someone sticks a camera in my face I can avoid doing the goofy batty pose (pull goofy face, stick arse out and make a peace sign) and perhaps even look normal in some photos!

The team were all telling me how gorgeous I looked, how photogenic I am and how great I was in front of the camera but I had to fake enthusiasm when I saw the pictures as I didn't like myself in any of them. I know that's just ME though and that everyone else will think they are gorgeous. How am I meant to combat that though? Any ideas?

Huge thanks have to go to Emma and Zoey from Glamour, Jo the makeup artist and Laurie the photographer as well as Jo Elvin of course for giving me such an incredible experience. I'll be waiting with baited breath to see it in print on August the 12th!

Tomorrow I'll be going back in time to blog about Kings of Leon (Oh. My. God) and moving (drama drama drama!) however in the mean time, please nominate this blog for a Cosmo blog award, it would mean the world to me!


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