Farewell to the old me

I’m going back in time (without the aid of a flux capacitor) to write a post that was sidelined by moving house, smacking my head against a door handle and weeping like a loser whilst desperately wanting to cling to the Physics Geek like he was a lifeboat and I was on the poop deck of the Titanic.

Last week I was lucky enough to win two tickets to go and see Kings of Leon at Hyde Park – I contemplated giving the tickets away to my colleague because of moving the next day but then came to my senses because it was KINGS OF FRICKING LEON. What made it even more perfick was that some of my favourite people were going and I was in a position to give my spare ticket to a wonderful friend who has been having a pretty rough time of it recently.

I never used to like going to gigs before I lost weight because I always felt in the way, too tall, too fat and too out of place as if I had no right to like music because I had an arse the size of Germany. I didn’t like crowds and so when I did go to gigs I’d hang at the back, motionless apart from some subtle head nodding and clapping, what a waste! That’s why I can say hand on heart that Kings of Leon was one of the best nights of my life. An exaggeration? Not in my world…

Had I not won the tickets I’d have been sat at home dreading moving house and leaving PG the next day, feeling sick to the stomach at the idea of starting over with a new house and new people and probably crying over my sad single girl ready meal for one. Instead, thanks to the generous people at O2 Priority I was in the sunshine, drinking cider, listening to several awesome bands with some of my most excellent friends and feeling on top of the world. I wasn’t going quite as mental dancing as some of the others but I was definitely shifting my arse and I had my upper arms out which is unheard of due to the flappy nature of my massive bingo wings.

It was the perfect way to end one chapter of my life and start a fresh page and was a beautifully fun reminder of how far I’ve come. Plus, Jared Followill = delicious!


One thought on “Farewell to the old me

  1. Well darling I hope now your arse isnt the size of Germany, you will now go to many more =)Btw I altercation with a door handle at one of my jobs, the door handle was ok but I had concussion ;o)

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